Are Millennials Inept at Brushing Their Teeth?

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Seriously, millennials get blamed for basically everything, but this time it’s more than an unwarranted complaint from older generations about us. Research shows that 30 percent of millennials only brush their teeth once a day. Sure that’s less than half of millennials, but still guys... this is gross.


Dr. Bicuspid covered a recent study on how millennials aren’t brushing their teeth correctly. In Giessen, Germany, 98 adults born in 1995 had their brushing habits observed. While the researchers claimed the results shows that millennials don’t understand, “high-quality toothbrushing”, the idea that this can be then correlated to all millennials was a pretty big stretch, which they called out. But instead of calling it good and giving the US an air-five, we did some Google searches. The saddening truth was unfurled.

Hello, a naturally friendly oral care start-up, also looked into our brushing habits and saw that 30 percent of millennials brushed their teeth once a day at max. Yes, we already said that, but repetition is key, isn’t it? It gets worse. Of those two thousand, the average US millennial had gone more than a couple days without brushing their teeth. If this is you, no judgment, but consider that your teeth could probably use a little more TLC than you’re currently giving them; they're lonely.



Good oral care is more than making sure you go to the dentist at least once a year. Let’s just focus on that at home TLC your teeth need. First and foremost, you gotta brush your teeth more than once a day; morning and night at the minimum.

If you are just too busy in the morning getting out the door, or you eat breakfast on the go, get a travel size toothbrush and toothpaste. You can keep it in your car, purse, work desk, backpack, you name it. Yeah, you might get uncomfortable with someone seeing you brush your teeth in the work bathroom or having someone notice you spit outside your car door at a stop light. But isn’t ensuring you have your own teeth into your 50’s a bit more important than someone’s judgmental glare. Be confident in your great oral health choices! People will look up to you.


Having great teeth is more than just making sure they are white, they need to be strong and healthy. Today, we have all the tools needed to keep teeth healthy and strong. Make the change yourself, support your friend, or be an example to others. Let’s make radiant smiles!


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