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What's the one thing you're guaranteed to do on your wedding day? SMILE!  

We recently partnered with Bridechilla Podcast, one of the leading wedding planning podcasts available, to give away some free teeth whitening strips! Check out what these Bridechilla bride-to-be's said about Lumist: 

Bridechilla Catherine: Teeth Whitening at Work!

I am a three cup of coffee and red wine loving type of gal.. so my teeth haven't been as luminous as I would like lately.
The last time I whitened my teeth was a few years ago- and I experienced horrible tooth sensitivity (the product I used then was crest 3D whitening strips); enough to discontinue use.. so I was ready for the same feeling but it never came! I experienced no teeth sensitivity! Which was one of the biggest wins for me.
For the first three days I actually used this product at work- I talked to co-workers, stayed hydrated, answered the phone and performed all the tests that I needed. No one seemed to notice that I had the strips on, and they stayed in place.

Catherine with Lumist box
Fast Teeth Whitening Results

A coworker told me that my teeth looked whiter after the second treatment!
For the final day I was actually on a road trip- which was pretty perfect place to use the strips as well.
My teeth are a few shades whiter and are looking excellent! 
I LOVED this product!
It was a really fantastic experience - all in all I didn't experience tooth sensitivity, I was able to continue to do activities while whitening my teeth and my teeth are a few shades whiter than before!
I have already started to recommend this product, and my fiancé wants to use it before our wedding too!

I absolutely LOVED it and enjoyed the whole process!  It was something completely different for me, but I'm adding it to the whole bridal/wedding experience!  

I'm giving Lumist teeth whitening great reviews.  I've noticed a difference in my teeth.

Catherine Reviewer Catherine Reviewer Catherine Reviewer
Catherine wore her  Lumist strips at work every day!


Bridechilla Jami: Great Taste and Strips Stay On

I just completed the five day Lumist teeth whitening kit.
It was a great experience and I definitely noticed a difference in my teeth. I'm thrilled about that because that's exactly what I was looking for.

Jami Reviewer
I have used whitening strips or trays in the past.

The strips are white and thin and what's great about them is that they stick to your teeth. They are not going anywhere. I used trays in the past where you had to keep them in place with your tongue because they were very slippery and were just were constantly moving, but with Lumist you just stick them on and forget about them… and they really stick!

You can also drink water while wearing Lumist strips which you can’t do with other brands. I would have the strips on for about at least an hour, so it was nice to be able to just take a drink of water when you need it. 

Another huge thing that a lot of people experience with teeth whitening is sensitivity and in the past I've really experience it and it is miserable. That tingling and pain that comes with whitening… I had it very little with Lumist.

I also didn't have to worry about the messy gel. The strips were very neat and taste was minty and fresh. You didn’t have to dry your teeth before application either, you just stick them on and go. 

I definitely recommend Lumist. 
This has been great experience and I’m impressed with the results.

Before After Pictures Jami Reviewer
Bridechilla Jami was delighted with the results of her 5 day trial.

Click here to read the full post from the Bridechilla Blog:

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