LOTR Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Fish Eye Style image of Bilbo's hobbit hole with No Admittance sign on gate

Thirty white horses on a red hill

First, they champ

Then, they stamp

Then, they stand still.

Are you a lover of all things Tolkien? Do you go giddy with joy re-watching Peter Jackson’s stellar adaptation of the books you loved to read growing up? We seriously do! To make such an amazing product, lots of detail and effort was put into even the smallest of moments. That’s one of the reasons why these stories were able to become such immersive films. From the quality costuming and practical effects to the small details directly taken from the books, here are the top easter eggs you may have missed. Yes, some spoilers ahead.

Boromir's Death Song

Throughout the first movie, there were mixed feeling with Boromir, he wasn’t evil… he was a self-serving prick. But just as he redeems himself by not taking the ring from Fordo, he goes from decent human being to amazing hero; taking three Oruk-hai arrows before going down as he tries to save Mary and Pippin. The Elvish music playing as he dies translates to a quote from the books by his brother, Faramir. “ I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness; I love only that which they defend.” This theme of protecting those we love first is echoed continually throughout the stories and gives a good gut punch to those watching Boromir sacrifice his life for the Hobbits. Oh Boromir, we love you!


Aragorn loots bodies?

Yes, there is more that comes from Boromir's death. You’ll notice in the rest of the trilogy that Aragorn sports Boromir's arm bracers. So really it’s not looting, it’s probably that Boromir’s death hit Aragorn hard and he wanted a have a token so he could always remember his sacrifice. When you watch the movies next,  you’ll start to notice it in the Two Towers and Return of the King. Even in Arwen's vision, Aragorn wears the bracers on his deathbed. If Boromir's death hasn’t got you tearing up already, this is bound to open those floodgates.


Book Chapter References

On a more lighthearted note, in several of the movies, Peter Jackson found subtle ways to add unique book references in all his movies. One of our favorites comes from pretty early in the Fellowship of the Ring film. When Frodo and Sam run into Mary and Pippin on their way out of the Shire, panic ensues. After they fall down the hill and land on the road, there’s a short dialogue exchange between Mary, Sam, and Pippin.

Mary: “ That was just a detour. A shortcut.”

Sam: “ A shortcut to what?”

Pippin shouts: “ Mushrooms!”

While the movie makes it more like a SQUIRREL moment for the three hobbits, the chapter title for this entire encounter is actually called “ A Shortcut for Mushroom”. Nice one Jackson, we see what you did there.


What are your favorite Hobbit or Lord of the Rings easter eggs? Comment below or let us know on social!


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