Tips to Surviving Christmas

Close up of Christmas Tree with Lights and Ornaments

There are lots of people who have a hard time getting through the holidays. Whether it’s family, costs, food, cringy Christmas themed shows, or hearing Mariah Carey a billion times a day, there are lots of good reasons to not be brimming with joy during the season. While it’s fine to get fanatical, it’s also fine to just want the holidays to be over. So for those who’s favorite Christmas movie is “The Gremlins”, here are a couple things you can do to help get you through the holidays.

You Can Say No! Take Personal Time

If you’re surrounded by invite after invite for holiday parties, secret Santa exchanges, get-togethers, and you just don’t want to deal with it, please say no. Self-care is so important for saving your mental health during this season. Fein sickness, say you had other plans, or straight up tell them you can’t handle any more festiveness. You deserve recuperation time. Binge a show, read a book, do whatever you need to do. And if someone wants to give you crap for that, they’re not that great of a friend.


Make Yourself a Non-Holiday Playlist

While you can control the Christmas tunes in your own home (unless you live with a Christmas fanatic), venturing out into the world is a different story. Your eardrums seem to be harassed everywhere you go by repeated Christmas music. Thank God for modern technology! Take time beforehand to set up an un-Christmas playlist and keep those headphones close at hand. Drown out “Santa Baby” with anything that just speaks to your soul. If you’re not sure where to start, get some Selena in your life.  


Take time to pamper yourself

Going along with taking personal time, taking time to pamper yourself can seriously help you decompress. Go out to a spa and have others treat you, or treat yourself at home. Maybe indulge in a facemask or body mask, a hot long bath, a nail treatment, or whitening your teeth. Do whatever you need to do so you can rejuvenate and confidently face the holiday season.  


There are lots of different ways to get through the season and we wish you the best in doing it. Find what helps center you, spending more time on your hobby, get that alone time, and soon January will be here. You can do it!


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