Top 3 Benefits of using Lumist Teeth Whitening Strips

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Whitening treatments can not only take a toll on your mouth but on your life. Don’t get stuck in the bathroom with bulky blue lights, gross gels or small strips. Talk with ease, hit the gym, finish up that work report, or even do your errands all while wearing a professional teeth whitening strip. And the best part, no one is really going to notice you have it on. 

1. Get a Perfect Fit Every Time

One of the biggest issues with a lot of whitening strips is that they just aren’t big enough, they slide around and are super awkward looking. To address these issues, Lumist not only focused on making a whitening strip that’s all around longer but uses a Comfort Fit Technology™ that seals the whitening strips to your teeth. This allows the strip to be molded and contoured to the shape of your teeth by taking your fingernail or a toothpick and gently pressing it in the spaces and ridges around your teeth. Soon you’ll feel like Cat Woman in her catsuit; a perfect fit.

Whiten at work, head to the gym or finish those errands. You are even able to drink cold beverages and talk naturally all while the whitening strips are on. This is all to make the teeth bleaching process easier and more flexible. Lord knows you are busy.


2. Invisibility Powers, ACTIVATE! 

It’s true that the Lumist whitening strips do require a longer application time than some other whitening products. That’s why Lumist Whitening Strips seal to your teeth and become translucent after a short period of time; making it’s easy to multitask. After the strips are placed on your teeth and you’ve shaped the top and bottom around your lovely chompers, it will take a minute for the opaque color to become translucent.

Yes, the technology is not quite as advanced as Shield’s helicarrier with the reflective paneling to disappear while it’s up in the sky. But hey, we’re pretty dang close.

3. Say Goodbye to Sensitivity

A lot of time, whitening your teeth can come at a cost. This is because most whitening products use Hydrogen Peroxide. While Hydrogen Peroxide is an effective ingredient in brightening your smile, it can cause sensitivity and damage to your gums when not managed by a dental professional.

So to provide you with an easy at home method and keep your chompers radiant, Lumist Whitening Strips use carbamide peroxide. So, what’s the difference? Carbamide peroxide is essentially a less concentrated version of hydrogen peroxide because it releases the peroxide in smaller increments over time instead of all at once. Both whitening ingredients are equally effective, but Lumist makes it easier and safer to whiten from home. It’s like having dentist-like results in your very own bathroom. That way, you can still dig into that tub of ice cream later.


Whitening your teeth shouldn’t be a chore. That’s why Lumist focuses on offering the most consumer-friendly whitening system. As the great Abba says, “take a chance on me”. Check out the website and get the box shipped to you.



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