Fashionable Teeth Trends You May or May Not Have Heard Of

Teeth aren’t just for function, they’re for fashion. From lifestyle choices to fun sparkly additions, teeth are another artistic way you can express yourself. If you’re looking for subtlety or a bold addition to your smile, here are three ways you can level up your chompers.


This tooth accessory has put a new meaning on adding glam to your look. Introduced in the late 80’s hip-hop scene, grills are a clip in jewelry made by taking a mold of your teeth. The look was popularized by big stars like Nelly and now, can be seen on a variety of people. From Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry to Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Ryan Lochte, the type and style of grill you can get varies for each wearer. Get the full row of gold teeth or a small silver and gold bar; however, you want to bling out your mouth is up to you. What do you think? Do you lean more toward classic Nelly look or enjoy Katy Perry’s unique touch with her million-dollar grills?
Man smiling with gold grillz Photo by Alex Alexander on Unsplash

Photo by Alex Alexander on Unsplash

Tooth gems

If you have been looking to add a little pop to your pearly whites, search no longer! Tooth gems are a more minimalistic approach to the aforementioned teeth jewelry, grills. This tiny glitz addition first made it big in the 90’s and 00’s and is a longer commitment than it’s clip in counterpart. Typically, a small rhinestone jewel is glued to the enamel of the tooth which can last upwards of 6 weeks or can be a semi-permanent addition lasting closer to a year. This fashion trend with its first appearance didn’t make much of an impact in the U.S. as it did in other countries like Sweden. But with Instagram as it’s tool, tooth gems are making a #comeback in the States. Just like the Sweedish model twins, Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta, you can get a diamond, golden Nike swoosh, or whatever your inner unicorn requires.


Vampire Fangs

Sometimes we just want it all, successful job, loving family, and time to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade. For those who have been “fanged”, our hearts are with you in these endeavors. Getting “fanged” is a little more intense than just being a die-hard lover of Buffy or Twilight. We’re talking about those who wear vampire teeth all day, every day. Typically this is chosen by individuals in one of the many subsets of the vampire community. Vampire teeth can be bought online, created by a fangsmith or even your dentist. Whether you are looking for a daily clip-in or a more permanent look with dental bonding, you have the options. Because in the end we all know the truth; every day is Halloween.

From glitz to gore, or however, you want to update your smile, Lumist Oral Care supports you. We always recommend consulting a dental professional first when it comes to adding anything to your teeth. Keep smiling! 


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Feature photo by Alex Alexander on Unsplash


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