What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

Ever thought why your teeth lose their color? Surface stains and internal discoloration are two different aspects that might be your number one everyday problem. Our research team at Lumist figured out some of the reasons that cause discoloration.Teeth turning yellow might be an aging factor. When you turn old the whitening effect fades naturally. If you are a smoker or a hardcore coffee or tea drinker, that also causes the tooth pigments to go pale. Wine does the same effect as tea or coffee. 


Some highly concentrated pigmented natural foods such as cherries and raspberries might also be one of the reasons for decoloration. Sometimes in your childhood when you are treated with an antibiotic tetracycline, it affects the teeth whitening when you grow up. 

In short, there are numerous reasons why teeth can deviate from their natural white color. Lumist can help. Lumist is 'The Next Generation Teeth Whitening Technology'. The strips are specially designed to fit the shape of both upper and lower teeth. With Lumist, you’ll have a bright, dazzling smile in no time! Make sure you brush your teeth at least two times a day because the accumulated tartar deposits on the teeth might result in stains as well.  


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