What does your smile say about you?

Collage of men and woman of all races smiling

Big fans of “Lie to me”, a popular show starting in 2009, understand that your facial expressions are more complex than what meets the eye. Just a simple smile can mean a variety of things. Now, we’re not micro-expression experts, but we do know the importance of understanding what a smile means. Here are just a few examples of different types of smiles and what they can say about you.

Overly Expressive


You express with your entire face; cheeks slap back to your ears, eyes become perfectly round white globes and all of your teeth are on display. This smile at times can be hard to interpret since it could mean a variety of things from, “I am so surprised and elated that my crush has texted me back” to “I am going to kill your whole family… with a spoon!”. Despite the potential confusion, this expression really shows others that you feel 100% of your emotions. There’s no middle ground; you are a passionate and driven person who wears their heart on their sleeve. People will love you for it.

The Tiny Mouth


Smiling means opening your mouth just enough to see teeth while the rest of your facial expression doesn’t change. This look can be used in a variety of situations to express different forms of discomfort. You’re nervous about meeting new people because you somehow always come off as a little weird. The guy at the bar will not leave you alone and you are internally crying for help while pretending to laugh at his jokes. All your friends choose to do an activity you don’t want to do but pretend to be excited about it because they’re all alpha personalities. You're a caring person who focuses maybe a little too much on others feelings than your own. Because you avoid confrontation and want everyone to be happy, this is what you got.

All Natural


Like our queen and benevolent ruler, you use your smile to show your natural beauty. Those pearly whites are on display with this full-face easy smile. Eyes wrinkle up and slightly close at the peak of your expression; you are just happy to be there. This genuine smile shows confidence in oneself, trust for the people you are sharing it with, and a positivity that gives you power in life. Smiles like these are prompted when you're with your favorite people, making a new friend, hearing a funny joke, or stoked that you accomplished something great. Work it, flaunt it, get it!

Let us Help

No matter your go-to smile, there should be nothing to hide when you separate those lips and bear your pearly whites. Stains or yellowing teeth can decrease self-confidence and the desire to smile. For Lumist, we want to increase the number of smiles you give in the day. Your whitest smile is our greatest accomplishment and with Lumist Teeth Whitening Strips, we can make that happen.


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