What our customers are saying...

I have been looking for a teeth whitening system for a long time. I have extremely sensitive teeth and even the so called "sensitive" brands hurt me or they make no difference! These strips however are very effective and have given me no discomfort! I can leave them on for the full two hours! However I don't do them every day as recommended. I usually put 2 days between each whitening to be safe. My teeth were shades whiter after just 3 uses and look amazing after 5! I am very happy with this product!  

Joe M. 


These whitening strips work well & didn't cause any sensitivity issues. I will definitely buy them again!



These strips work very well and whiten teeth in much less time than some other brands. They also cost much less, so I'm very pleased. The strips were easy to apply, and I didn't experience any sensitivity.



Best strips I have ever used. You will notice a difference after the first time



After using two boxes of Crest 3D White Luxe Professional Effects Whitestrips Dental Whitening Kit, twice a day, I and my family noticed only a slight change. I then ordered this product, used it once a day for 5 days, and everyone at home and the office notices the substantial effect of the whitener. The only slight downside (which I feel didn't warrant a reduction of a star) is that the individual packages of strips is not the easiest to open. Sometimes the strip would stick to the peeled off top, and other times it stayed in its container. The issue I had was that it was easy to unintentionally bend the strip such that the sticky parts of a strip would mesh with the other end. The strips are pretty stretchy, so when this happened, I wasn't able to straighten out the strip. Instead, I had to cut the stuck part out and use the remaining portion of the strip. Nonetheless I highly recommend this product (just be very careful when you open the individual package)..

David A. Tatkin