Lumist Classic Teeth Whitening Strips

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Lumist is 'The Next Generation Teeth Whitening Technology'. The strips are specially designed to fit the shape of upper and lower teeth. With Lumist, you’ll have a bright, dazzling smile in less than a week. Whiten your teeth up to 5 shades brighter in just 5 applications — 2x faster than other brands.

The Lumist Teeth Whitening Strips allows you to apply and go - walk, talk, and even drink while the strips are on. This is because Lumist strips form a no-slip, water-tight seal using our Perfect Seal™ Technology.

  • Clinically proven to cause little to no teeth sensitivity
  • No messy foam or gel
  • Subtle, fresh mint flavor; no sticky chemical taste or feeling
  • Comfort Fit Technology for a perfect seal to your teeth


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    How to use Lumist Teeth Whitening Strips




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