for 'Him'

for 'Him'

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Ever wonder what Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Chris Hemsworth and Matthew McConaghey have in common besides ridiculously hot girlfriends (or wives) and insanely large bank accounts?  Well they all have great teeth that are gleaming white.  

In a recent study, the research showed that you are 65% more confident on a first date after teeth whitening.  You are also 63% more likely to recieve a higher salary offer than a equivalent applicant with yellow or dingy teeth.

So is it fair to say that by using 'Lumist for Him' you will be better looking, have a boatload of money and your abs will transform into a six pack?  Well we can't promise you that but we do suggest hiring a body guard after using Lumist for 'Him'. 

Try Lumist today.  You have nothing to lose but your yellow teeth with our 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our white strips.

  • Comfort fit technology 
  • Fresh minty taste 
  • No foamy bitter aftertaste
  • 3 X's Faster - compared to competitors
  • Very little sensitivity 
  • Enamel Safe
  • Does not slide around like the others
  • Remove coffee, soda, tobacco and wine stains


Lumist uses a 20% carbamide peroxide formula that will not harm the enamel on your teeth.  It is also perfect for the most sensitive teeth and does not create white looking gums after use.

You don't need 14 days worth of strips like the other guys, just 5 days wearing Lumist has been proven to be as effective for whitening teeth as the 14 that you must wear with most competitors. 

Lumist is also the easiest whitening product out there today.  No mess or fuss with trays, syringes, bleach all over your counter, open, stick and go...


Easy to apply - Lumist is much easier to apply then the other leading brands.  With the comfort fit technology the Lumist strip is guaranteed to stay in place whether you live an active life or just prefer to read a good book.

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