Lumist Family Pack

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Better Whitening for Everyone

The family pack includes a variety of whitening strips to benefit your whole family.

  • Each pack comes with a 5-day whitening treatment 
  • Keep packs cold for the best whitening
  • Do not expose to extreme heat

Experience a comfortable whitening treatment with little to no sensitivity. Since the strips are virtually invisible, you can work, play, talk, and relax while they discreetly and effectively work for you. 


Larger strips with the exclusive Comfort Fit Technology™ stay in place so you don’t have to! After the strips are applied and become invisible, you can comfortably and confidently go about your day while you whiten.


Fight stains from foods, drinks, and life with a patent pending carbamide peroxide formulation for a gentle yet effective whitening experience. The invisible strips provide freedom to whiten whenever. 


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