Meet Lumi.

Hey, I'm Lumi.


I love making new friends and saying yes to new adventures!


What I love most, though, is encouraging my friends & family to pursue the things that allow their unique individuality to shine and inspiring them to have adventures of their own by building their confidence.


It's a little cheesy, I know.


But the truth is, there was a time when I used to feel really self-conscious, and it stopped me from doing a lot of the things I love.


I had crooked teeth and a yellow smile that made me feel like people never heard what I had to say because they couldn't get past the distraction of staring at my teeth when I spoke.



Luckily for me, I have really great friends that continue to cheer me on even when I'm doubting myself. They support me in sharing my unique ideas and help to build me up when I'm needing a little confidence boost.



When one of my best friends asked why I didn't just try whitening my teeth, I explained how many times I had tried-


Some whiteners left me with extreme sensitivity, making it impossible to keep with it in order to see real results.



Other whiteners had me glued to my bathroom sink for an hour at a time; the drooling and foam at the back of my throat didn't exactly make me feel more attractive in the process and it meant I was still having to say no to a lot while I sat around waiting for the whitening to do its thing. Not to mention, that goop at the back of mouth makes me gag.


The other issue I found is that my crooked teeth didn't fit well in those pre-made trays from the store and the strips I tried left me with an uneven amount of whitening in certain spots.


I told my friend I was sick of wasting money on whitening and figured I was just stuck with my smile the way it was.


Then they asked if I had tried Lumist.



Because of Lumist's specially formulated whitening gel, it's gentle on sensitive teeth, and the patented strip with Comfort Fit Technology means it sticks to all areas of my teeth. No more messy gels, slippery strips, or foamy goop at the back of my mouth. AND no more sitting around waiting; the strips stay put so I don't have to!

Lumist gave me a whiter smile in just 5 days and the freedom to do what I love again!


I'm glad I didn't give up hope and was willing to listen to my friend's suggestion. Whitening my teeth made a huge difference in the way I saw myself.


Now that's what I'm here to do for you. If you're looking for friends that will sit in your corner, cheer you on and build you up, you're in the right place.

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