About Lumist

With an overwhelming amount of whitening options on the market and so much room for improvement, Lumist Oral Care saw an immediate need to develop something better.

Most over-the-counter whitening options are misleading and many cause sensitivity. The convenience of most strips has been lost to messy gel that doesn’t stay where it’s supposed to.

Our vision was to create a safer, more convenient option that didn’t cause sensitivity and offered a custom, comfortable fit and the freedom to whiten your teeth anytime, anywhere.
It’s easy to fall behind when it comes to maintaining your oral health; Lumist is here to improve the way we take care of our teeth at home.

Lumist strips go where you go. We provide innovative whitening strips that stay put so you don't have to. Say goodbye to sensitivity and hello to confidence & freedom.

Our goal is to deliver easy-to-use products that improve the health of your smile without slowing you down, and we pride ourselves on scientifically- backed research & development that promotes only the most innovative products to enhance your experience in your oral hygiene routine.

At Lumist, we believe in providing high-quality products that reflect innovation and creativity. Everything we do supports our main mission in helping you to achieve the freedom to be yourself & the confidence to explore life to the fullest while maintaining your health, and that starts with great oral hygiene.

Sick of strips that don't stay in place? Us too. 

Our patented comfort fit technology is like nothing you've experienced in a white strip. Go ahead, tackle that workout while you're wearing them; have a sip of water while you're at it!